"If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It"

We hear this all the time. Engineers, shop foremen, and purchasing agents are sometimes hesitant to make changes to their system, and usually for good reason. They’ve tried changing that fitting, or using a new hose spec, and what happened? It didn’t work, failed miserably, and cost everyone so much hassle they'd never consider changing again.

We get it, change is hard. But, what if one simple change could achieve performance benefits and eliminate the need for aftermarket stocking, shelving, and management? Tubes may be the answer to that particular headache. Did I also mention they cost less over time than traditional hose assemblies?

How? Glad you asked. Keep reading!

Performance Advantages

All the factors that add durability to a tube assembly also contribute to performance benefits. Got a problem with heat dissipation? Not anymore. Say goodbye to abrasion and rubbing hoses. Need to reduce system weight? It’s possible. Lighter equipment is more fuel-efficient, once again equating to dollar’s saved. Need more examples? How about a more consistent flow-rate, or less failures due to kinking, exceeding bend radius, or improper installation?

Custom Solutions

Outfit your entire system with high-performance products

Flexible Options

Need the flexibility of a hose? We have you covered

Simplified Routing

Route and install assemblies with ease

Easier Installation

Less Time Wasted

Hose assemblies can be a pain in to install, especially when bent hose-ends come into play or tight areas are involved. Two wrenches are usually required per hose-end, which are difficult to fit into enclosed areas, and result in banged-up knuckles and a grumpy mechanic. Hose assemblies can also twist, kink, shrink, or stretch during installation as well. And, unless all of your mechanics follow identical procedures, each installation is another chance for a future leak or failure.

Give your mechanics a break and save man-hours in the process.  Because each tube is rigid and designed especially for your equipment, it should fit like a glove. This gives your operators more time to work on other equipment, clean up their areas, or stand around playing on their phones! Just kidding, we know their areas are always messy.

Seriously though, in our experience mechanics and installers usually appreciate a more straight-forward installation. We’ve done case-studies on several hose-to-tube conversions, and found that nearly every case equates in faster installation. This frees up valuable time that can be spent elsewhere. The simplicity of tube installation also results in more consistent installation which, helps reduce routing errors, and makes it easier to train new hires!

Who said beauty isn’t everything?

This one is a bit of a stretch, but bear with us. You might ask, “who cares how the hydraulic lines look on my equipment?” And we'd respond, “your customers.”  The fact is, tubes simply look better on your equipment, and this carries over to how customers perceive the quality of your brand. Tubes are easily power-coated or painted to match your equipment and present a streamlined, professional appearance.

Are Tubes Right For Me?

Not to brag, but you don’t make it 50 years in this industry with a reputation for misleading customers. We pride ourselves on integrity. So, if you’re wondering whether tubes are right for your application, we can answer with a definite “probably.”  

You may have noticed the name of our company is Mid-State “Fluid Transfer Products.” If tubes were the answer 100% of the time, we’d probably be named “Mid-State Tube.” Alas, there is a reason we still produce hundreds of thousands of hoses annually. Sometimes tubes just aren’t right for the job.

This is why it’s crucial to do the work up-front when considering tube assemblies. This is also why we have a team of engineers and trained experts on hand, to help audit your equipment, and work with your personnel to develop a tube that meets your demand. We almost always develop prototypes for new clients, to help iron out any kinks before entering full-scale-production. This on-boarding process ensures a smooth transition.

I already buy tubes somewhere else, so why should I consider you?

Great question! Three reasons:


Tubes are difficult to produce consistently. Every aspect of our operations is held to strict ISO 9001 operating procedures. We've also invested in top-of-the-line equipment to cut, bend, debur, flare, weld, and test our assemblies. This investment ensures a consistency in the products we produce.


Because of these hefty equipment investments, we’re able to produce assemblies much faster than other fabricators. 12 week lead times are common from other suppliers. Ours is typically 4-6, depending on external factors.


When you purchase tube assemblies from Mid-State, you’re buying more than just an item. You’re buying a service, and we recommend you utilize it. Our staff excels at diagnosing issues, crafting solutions, and designing products that outperform hoses while saving money in the process. The dialog and relationship developed here is crucial to guaranteeing long-term success.

One Stop Shop

This fourth reason is a bonus. Tubes may be the answer most of the time, but when they aren’t we have a bevy of solutions for all things hydraulic. With three brands of hydraulic hose, four branch locations, thousands of hydraulic adapters, clamps, quick disconnects, brass products, crimp machines, rubber belts, and more, we can be your ultimate solution. Consolidate your suppliers and spend less time juggling purchase orders!

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed this content and look forward to your RFQ. In the meantime, please check out our tube assembly resources here to learn more about how tubing can benefit your application.

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