Good Question

But the answer isn't so simple.

Take your standard National Pipe Tapered Fuel Thread, or NPTF for example. No one knows the mysterious origins of it’s creation (actually we do) but we can tell you we’ve heard it called “pipe thread,” “pipe fitting,” “tapered thingy,” “hex thread,” and yes, even “whatchamacallit.”

And that’s just one thread type. Technically two if you count NPSM. But, when you add in SAE O-Ring boss, O-Ring Face Seal, SAE JIC 37 Degree Flare, British Tapered, British Parallel, Metric DIN, and Flanges, the terms start to add up quickly. Plus you also have to worry about configuration terms like cap, plug, drop length, bulkhead, locknut...the list goes on! And I didn't even get to the acronyms yet. NPT, JIC, MJIC, FJX, FSX! I could fill the rest of this page with ALL. THESE. LETTERS!

To those newcomers to the hydraulics world, or those who’ve tuned this out over their careers in order to avoid obvious headaches:

We’re here to help!


As the name implies, this type of adapter resembles a capital "T" An easy solution for joining three hose connections.


Elongated threads designed to fit through an opening. Typically used with a locknut


This fitting reduces, or in fancy terms takes a male x female thread of the same type, different size. Sometimes called a bushing although the two are technically different.

So what do YOU call it?

Many things, actually.

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