Quality assurance

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

As a proud ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, quality is ingrained into every aspect of our culture. Each product, process, and service we provide is constantly is monitored and analyzed to ensure you receive only the best, every time. Our quality extends far past the integrity of our products as well. We meticulously record and analyze our on-time-delivery, defects per million, supplier defects per million, and more, all in the efforts of offering our customers the very best value possible.

Continuous Improvement

Dedicated to bringing our customers the very best value and quality, Mid-State constantly gathers, monitors, and analyzes data to further improve our processes.

Cost of poor quality, on-time-delivery, defects per million, supplier defects per million, non-conforming product, internal errors, and inspector catch rates are monitored within each product-center. This data allows us to pinpoint inefficiencies in our processes, make the necessary adjustments, and bring you even greater lead-times, cost savings, and quality products.

Cost of Quality

Cost of poor quality is much more than the tracking of lost revenue from returned products. The inability to provide consistent quality harms a company's reputation and credibility within their given industry. Therefore the data we record is composed of multiple factors, which range from our sales and customer service processes, to the final package as it's loaded for delivery. This meticulous level of detail allows us to quickly and identify and correct inefficient procedures.


A perfectly produced product loses value if it doesn't deliver on time. Each of our production centers is held to a strict standard of delivery, and we're proud to consistently exceed those targets.

Defects Per Million

Defects Per Million (DPM) is a tool often often used in manufacturing to measure the number of acceptable defects per a theoretical million units. Typically, the greatest number of defects allowed is one thousand. This target varies depending on the established Acceptable Quality Level, but our DPM levels consistently rank well below established targets.


Unfortunate yet inevitable, nonconforming product is an expected nuisance when dealing in high inventory levels and thousands of skus. Mid-State combats this issue through multiple inspection and verification measures for all inbound product. We also hold our suppliers to the same standards practiced in our facilities.

Supplier Quality

As both a distributor and manufacturer, Mid-State holds it's suppliers to a strict standard of quality. All of our suppliers must pass an approval process focused on quality management, and are regularly monitored and graded based on performance.

Root-Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis is a systematic process for identifying source, or "root" factors of problems and responding to them appropriately. In the event of an unfortunate discrepancy, our team of quality experts can quickly trace our data to identify and correct the issue. Our team of quality, sales, and engineering experts also practice this concept when assisting customers with design, engineering, and routing issues to ensure we delivery products appropriate for the application.


Mid-State is a proud member of the Nahad Hose Safety Institute, a body of distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers who share a passion for the industry and promote hose assembly safety, quality, and reliability through education, research, and collaboration. All HSI members agree to incorporate a series of prescribes best practices and industry-leading guidelines into their business culture. Click the link below to learn more about HSI.

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Process Control

While ISO certifications help garner a certain level of confidence in a manufacturer, the measure of a company's overall quality must reach beyond paperwork and documentation. Our commitment to quality products and services is ingrained into every aspect our culture, from the employee on-boarding process to the finished package. Whether you receive bulk items from our distribution facility, or assemblies produced in our manufacturing centers, the process is the same — a continuous commitment to education, process improvement, and refining our procedures for maximum quality and efficiency.

Testing Services

When Mid-State is your hose assembly source, rest assured every combination has undergone proof, burst, and impulse frequency cycle testing in accordance with ISO and SAE specifications. Our in-house suite of testing equipment ensures all of our assembly combinations meet or exceed 200,000 impulse cycles. These non-destructive and destructive testing services are also available as outside services. Need your assemblies tested? Contact us today.

Pressure Testing

We frequently perform destructive and non-destructive hydrostatic working, proof, and burst pressure tests up to 30,000 PSI. We're happy to offer these services for your assemblies as well.

Leak Detection

Leak detection tests are a proven method of identifying weak weld seams, pinhole hose cover leaks, and improperly crimped assemblies. These tests are typically conducted during prototyping and failure analysis.

Impulse Frequency

Impulse frequency tests are the ultimate measure of any hose/fitting combination's overall quality. All of our hose assemblies conform to the minimum 200,000 cycles, with some combinations reaching 2 million+ cycles.

First Article/PPAP

Depending on your requirements, we can perform first article inspections and PPAP processes to ensure your products ship within compliance. These processes may include balloon drawings, pressure tests, dimensional inspections and mill test reports.

Cleanliness/Particle Counting

We frequently perform destructive and non-destructive hydrostatic working, proof, and burst pressure tests up to 30,000 PSI, and analyze hydraulic oil. We're happy to offer these services for your assemblies as well.


We frequently perform destructive and non-destructive hydrostatic working, proof, and burst pressure tests up to 30,000 PSI. We're happy to offer these services for your assemblies as well.

Disregarding contamination can lead to a decline in operating performance, equipment downtime, and repeat system failures. If your hydraulic assemblies are not cleaned properly prior to installation, you may face some of these issues. Because of this, Mid-State takes cleanliness seriously. Our  standard practices exceed ISO target cleanliness levels for most applications, and and upon request we can achieve specific cleanliness levels for you application.

Resources and Quality Documents

See our most requested documents below , such as our ISO certificate, return policy, and terms and conditions. While these documents are commonly requested, we also possess a large archive of SAE and ISO documentation and procedures, drawings, supplier questionnaires, and more. If you require documentation unlisted below, please consult our downloads page, or contact us for your specific request.  

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