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Mid-State Sales was established in Columbus, Ohio in 1969, and has built its reputation as the national leader in the manufacturer and distributor of fluid transfer products, specifically hydraulic hose assemblies, fluid transfer assemblies, tube assemblies, and adapters.

Mid-State Sales is both a fabricator and distributor of fluid transfer products, fluid transfer assemblies and hydraulic components. Our fluid transfer products are optimized for both OEM customers and products and for industrial customers and users. In addition, Mid-State Sales leads the industry in custom solutions from our tube assembly production team, enabling your original equipment manufacturer’s unique product with our engineering guidance.

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Company History

Over the past four decades, Mid-State Sales has grown our offerings to customers through acquisitions and expansions of our branches facilities, allowing us to provide hydraulic products to OEM and industrial customers across the country. Today, our talented staff of nearly 60 associates operate out of more than 75,000 square feet in our four inventory and operations facilities in the Midwest.

Distribution Experts

As your one-stop-shop, our unmatched, competitive inventory of hydraulic hose and fittings, industrial hose, brass products, quick disconnects, rubber products, and hydraulic accessories allow us to be your first choice of solutions provider. Plus, our network of premier suppliers and partners allows us to service your needs quickly and efficiently.

O.E.M. Specialists

Over the last 50+ years, we've built strong and productive relationships with OEM hydraulic equipment manufacturers across the country, and pride ourselves on providing the industry's best service and support, from engineering the fluid transfer solution to shipping it. Our production capabilities allow us to support our OEM customers with high-volume, fully customized hydraulic assemblies and kits, designed specifically for their unique requirements.

What drives us
Core Values

Mid-State Sales aims to always be the easiest company to do business with. We aim to exceed our customers expectations for service and quality, and hold ourselves to the highest standards in the industry. To meet our goals for servicing our customers as well as possible, Mid-State Sales focuses on embodying:

Workmanship. We take pride in our work, and we do it best. From our custom designed and engineered tube assemblies to our hose assembly crimping processes, we aim to deliver the highest quality product every time. We hold ourselves to a higher standard with our testing procedures and systems of double checks, and we ensure that every product we touch is perfect, every time.

Efficiency. We work together to get the job done right. As a team, we manage customer concerns and process orders in a timely and professional manner. We leverage the talents of our colleagues to make sure that any task that comes our way is completed accurately and in a timely manner. We do this not only to satisfy our customers, but also, more importantly, our own desire to excel.

Integrity. We know that our customers needs always come first. We work alongside our customers to deliver exactly the solutions they need, and look for ways to make their experience more efficient, speedy, and cost-effective. Most importantly, we work with diligence to guarantee that every product that passes through our doors will operate safely and reliably. We know that customer loyalty is essential to our success, and that we can earn our customers trust through our commitments to honesty and consistency.

Our Team

Our Columbus, Ohio headquarters alone houses a specially trained team of experts with a combined experience of over 200 years of hydraulic and industrial knowledge. And, each member of our team is dedicated to bringing you the very best in service, support, and product knowledge.

Our Services

For over 50 years, Mid-State has offered the very best in hose assembly, tube assembly, and hydraulic adapter value. As a fabricator and distributor of fluid transfer products, we cater to OEM and industrial customers alike, and can provide a complete package of design, engineering, and quality services along with the products you need to meet your unique requirements.


Whether you’re in the market for a few hoses, or a few thousand, we have you covered. With three production facilities, a veteran staff of experts, and over 75,000 sq. ft of inventory, we can ensure you receive the high quality assemblies you need in time to get the job done.


Our massive selection of hydraulic, industrial, air, water, general purpose, thermoplastic, Teflon, and stainless steel braided hoses means you can fully customize your order to suit any application. Plus, our dedicated team of industry professionals can even assist with product selection, routing, design, and more.


Speedy delivery, customized packaging, and a wide variety of freight options are just a few of the benefits available to our customers. Our massive inventory allows us to fill most high-volume product orders in two weeks or less. Only need a few assemblies? Most orders of 10 or less can ship same or next day, depending on availability and time of order.


When it comes to producing formed-products, we have all the bases covered. Bending, flaring, brazing, welding, painting, plating, powder-coating, leak-detection, CMM inspection...should we keep going? Whether you need to outfit a refuse truck, fit up a cylinder, or make a custom hose-end fitting, Mid-State has the tools to get the job done in a timely fashion.


A wide variety of carbon & stainless steel, DOM, and structural tubing allows us to cater to most hydraulic and industrial applications with ease. With the same protection, labeling, and fully-customized packaging options as our hose assembly products, you can rest soundly knowing your order is in the hands of hydraulic experts. You can even combine your tube assemblies with hose and fittings, adapters, or whatever else you'd like, all in one convenient package.


Tired of waiting 12+ weeks for your order? Let Mid-State be your new go-to. With one of the fastest leads times in the industry, we can typically provide your tube assemblies in less than 6 weeks from time of order. We also offer prototyping and expediting options, and our quantity-break pricing structure ensures you save even more on our already great prices.


Regardless if you're designing equipment from scratch or up-fitting an existing piece, we have the capabilities to assist with everything from the product selection phase, to design, engineering, routing, and even installation. With a full-range of software packages and product experts, we can help produce 3D models, prints, drawings, and save you time and money in the process.


At Mid-State, we want to ensure you always have the right product for the job. When our experts assess your current or future design, we closely examine every aspect of the product specification, including pressure ratings and circumstance, temperature, environment, bend radius, abrasion, cleanliness, mounting, and protection, as well as dozens of other aspects. Because of this unique approach to doing business, we can typically improve the performance of your equipment and increase the life expectancy of your system, while saving money in the process.


One of the most important aspects of product design, the proper routing of your hose or tube assemblies can mean the difference between successful performance and catastrophic failure. Understanding the costs of unexpected downtime, our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring your assemblies are built and designed to stand the test of time.


Quality is in our DNA, and therefore we perform a wide range of testing on the assemblies produced in our facilities. Impulse pressure frequency, hydro-static pressure, proof, and burst testing, leak detection, cleanliness, and particle counting are the most common forms practiced internally, and are also available as outside services for your products upon request.


As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, quality procedures are a part of every operation performed in our facility. Not only do we rigorously inspect each process of assembly fabrication, but we constantly track our on-time-delivery, defects per million, cost of quality, and several other factors. As a distributor, we hold our suppliers to the same standards we've set for ourselves. Each supplier is closely monitored and graded on a monthly basis to ensure they meet our standards for quality goods.


Per our quality policy, no employee can come aboard the Mid-State team without adopting our culture of "doing things things the right way." Our customers expect excellence, and therefore we strive to deliver our products and services 100% correct, on-time, all of the time.


As your one-stop-shop for all things hydraulic, Mid-State can package your adapters, hose assemblies, tube assemblies, and other hydraulic components in one convenient package, or however else you'd like it. With a focus on bulk and individual kits for our OEM customers, we have years of experience custom-tailoring our products to met a wide variety of demands and requests. Contact our team today to learn more details regarding our capabilities.


If you've worked in the hydraulics industry, you've probably heard the phrase "abrasion is the number one cause of hose failure." From firsthand experience we agree, and therefore offer a bevy of protection options such as abrasion resistant sleeves and guards. We also provide several means of thread and rust protection during transit and storage. Plus, we can also provide the mounting, routing, and installation assessments necessary to ensure your products reach their full life-expectancy during operation.


With more equipment manufacturers adopting the "kitted" method of fluid transfer products, labeling has never been more necessary to ensure your operators reach maximum efficiency during installation. Gone are the days of sorting through tangled crates containing hundreds of skus. At Mid-State, we provide clear, legible labeling options to help you stay efficient. We offer a full suite of label sizes, types, colors, and will work closely with you to guarantee success with every order.


Not only do we cater to OEM customers, but as one of America's largest distributors of fluid conveyance products, we  offer expertise in stocking the only the most relevant products, whether that be bulk hose and fittings, adapters, or assembled kits. We regularly work under Kanban systems, just-in-time delivery options, and blanket orders, and can always find a solution that meets your needs.

crimp options

Whether you build 5 assemblies or 5 thousand a month, Mid-State offers the right crimping units, tooling, inventory, and training necessary to turn your facility into a first-class hose assembly shop. We offer a full array of mobile and stationary crimp machines, as well as the accessories needed to produce only the highest quality assemblies. Need help with your setup? Contact our team today to schedule your free consultation.


Looking for a partner? With our affiliate distributor programs, we can help convert your shop into a first-class production facility, and provide the sales, service, and inventory support needed to help grow your business and increase your presence in the local market. Want to learn more? Contact our team to see if you're eligible to become an affiliate distributor.

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