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Tube Assembly Advantages

Simplified Assembly
SOLVE APplication issues

Tube assemblies offer several performance advantages over traditional rubber hose, such as greater operating temperature, longer service life, smaller allowable bend radius, and improved ease of installation. If you need to solve application issues, failing hoses, or leaking connections, tube assemblies are the answer! Check out our case studies below to see how we've helped our customers improve their system performance and save time, money, and hassle.

Savings Opportunities:

  • Lower cost over life of equipment
  • Limitless configuration options
  • Hybrid assemblies available
  • Higher operating pressure and temperature range
  • Reduced pressure drops and cycle time in hydraulic systems
  • Reduced equipment weight and leak points
  • Improved heat dissipation and perfect for applications with space limitations

Case Studies & Resources

Engineered Solutions

When your system needs optimized

TUBE ASSEMBLIES may be the answer.

With reduced leak points, improved pressure and temperature performance, reduced weight, and a streamlined, customized appearance, our engineered solutions can save you time and money while improving system performance

Solve Application Issues

Save money on your fluid transfer products

Our detailed approach to your fluid transfer products is proven to reduce cost, eliminate downtime, and improve system performance. If you currently experience long lead times, assembly failures, or high product/production costs, now is the time to upgrade. Our 100% guarantee offer ensures we save you time, money, and hassle, or your order is free. There's never been a better time to experience the Mid-State difference.

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Engineered Solutions

When your system needs optimized, tube assemblies may be the answer. With reduced connections and leak points, improved pressure and temperature performance, reduced weight, and a streamlined, customized appearance, our engineered solutions can help save you time and money, while improving system performance.

Designed to your specifications

Whether you're designing equipment from scratch or outfitting existing models, Mid-State's expert team of tube and welding engineers are here to assist with everything from material selection, innovative routing solutions, product design, prototyping, quality and performance diagnostics, and more.

Every aspect of your tube assemblies are custom-designed to benefit your application, increase ease of routing and installation, and reduce the long-term costs of traditional rubber hose assemblies.

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Mid-State is invested in the success of our customers. Therefore we're also invested in bringing you the very best in tube assembly quality. Our suite of bending machinery allows us to tackle high volume orders with speedy delivery and consistent quality.

Our bending capabilities, combined with our design expertise, make tube assemblies the ideal solution for difficult routing and installation applications, or any application where abrasion and environmental factors drastically reduce the life expectancy of traditional rubber hose assemblies.

end forming

Weld /braze



Weld and Braze

Our  welding capabilities ensure your tube assemblies stand the test of time. This welding capability can reach far beyond the use of practical end connections as well. Mounting brackets, manifolds, storage racks, and customized conversion adapters are just a few of the innovative solutions our valued customers utilize across a wide range of industries. Need a unique solution to one of you design challenges? Contact us today!

Compound Assemblies

Can't decide between the flexibility of hydraulic hose assemblies and the rigid performance of tube assemblies? Why settle for only one? As your one-stop-shop for fluid transfer products, Mid-State can combine our hydraulic hose and tube assembly expertise to create specialty compound assemblies designed to provide your application the benefits of both product-lines.

These hose/tube combinations, or compound assemblies, can be used to solve a number of unique design and engineering challenges. We can also apply this technology to metal hose assemblies, customized conversion adapters, and customized hose-end fittings.

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