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Ease of Installation

Standard black pipe elbows, street elbows, and nipples come in one version; rigid. This lack of swivel mobility can make black pipe extremely difficult to install. This is one of the primary benefits of hydraulic adapters. The female ends are most often available in a swivel version, which makes installation a breeze, allows for a greater positioning of the fitting, and can even prevent potential hose failure by reducing the likelihood of twisting during installation.

Not only do hydraulic adapters offer swivel version in straight and bent configurations, but they are built with hex flats designed to accept an open-end wrench or crescent wrench, as opposed to a pipe wrench. These hex flats allow for a good "bite" on the fitting, which makes it easier to install overall.

Swivel Adapters

Increase the ease of installation with female swivel ends.

Reduce System Weight

Say goodbye to bulky, heavy black pipe. Reduce system weight with hydraulic adapters.

Corrosion Protection

Our hydraulic adapters can withstand a minimum 300 hours before signs of red rust

Working and Burst Pressure

Who said less is more?

Hydraulic adapters also widely outperform black pipe in regards to both working and burst pressures. For example, a 1" hydraulic pipe fitting from Mid-State will have a working pressure pf 2,000 PSI and a burst pressure rating of 8,000 which equals a 4:1 safety factor. The class 150 black pipe equivalent on the other hand is only rated for 300 PSI working, and class 300 is rated to 2,000 PSI working, but with no published burst pressure. It's only fair to note that some black pipe fittings are available in class 3000 (3000 PSI working pressure) but those fittings are typically extremely heavy, expensive, and difficult to procure.

Reduce System Weight

We recently performed a case study at one of our OEM clients, a manufacturer of mobile hydraulic equipment. This manufacturer was searching for a way to reduce system weight and increase fuel efficiency. Their equipment was outfitted with class 300 black pipe, and a switch to our hydraulic adapters yielded a 4% percent savings across the board! Now imagine if this client's equipment used class 3000 instead of 300. The savings would be even greater!

If you're currently using black pipe in your application, the change to hydraulic adapters could help reduce system weight, reduce downtime, provide easier installation and improved corrosion protection. Mid-State stocks thousands of hydraulic pipe fittings in sizes ranging from 1/8" - 2" and can ship same day in most cases.

Feel free to shop our inventory online, give us a call, or download our convenient tri-fold brochure to learn more about hydraulic pipe adapters today!

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