Partnered with Beltservice CorporationYoungstown Rubber Products offers a wide variety of light and heavy-duty belting, woven fabric, custom extrusions, and more – all products suited to bring you the very best value possible.

With a range of off-the-shelf and fully customizable products, we offer multiple solutions for the waste, automotive, logistics, construction, food & beverage, mining, and agricultural industries.

Heavy Duty Belting

Our line of Beltservice heavy-duty belts are designed to provide longer service life for most bulk handling applications. Over 50 types of heavy-duty black rubber belt are available for cut flat belt, or custom-fabricated orders. We also offer a variety of thicknesses, and can offer belts customized to provide greater abrasion resistance , oil & temperature resistance, as well as flame-retardancy.

Heavy Duty Belting

Heavy Duty Belting

Heavy Belting

Asphalt Milling

Asphalt Milling

Rock It

Rock It
Light Duty Belting

Light Duty Belting

Best suited for general purpose food handling, assembly line, and package handling, light duty belting is available in a variety of compounds such as rubber, nitrile, leather, silicone, butyl, Teflon, PVC, and FS covers.

Lightweight Thermoplastic

light thermoplastic





Detachable Products


Plastic Modular Belting


Detectable Products


Specialty Belting and Parts

No matter your demand, we can help engineer a wide range of weigh feeder belts, filter belts, abrasion resistant belting, molded profiles, custom extrusions, corrugated sidewall belting, or air permeable fabrics.

specialty parts

Blast Abrasive Cleaning

blast cleaning

Weigh Feeder Belts

weight feeder

Filter Belts

filter belts

High Abrasives

high abrasives

Fabflex Molded Profiles




Custom Parts

custom parts

Air Permeable Fabrics

air permeable

Industries Served

Waste & Recycling

  • Sorting Lines
  • Plastic
  • Aluminum
  • Glass
  • Rubber Tires
  • Electronics
  • Yard Waste
  • Lumber

Automotive & Foundry

  • Tool Manufacturers
  • Automotive Rebuilders
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Aviation
  • Rail Manufacturing
  • Metal Platers
  • Heat Treaters
  • Small Part Manufacturing


  • Beverage
  • Container
  • Packaging
  • Process Automation
  • Airports
  • Distribution Centers


  • Asphalt Milling
  • Road Construction
  • Cement Manufacturing
  • Trenchers
  • Live Bottom Trailers
  • Roofing
  • Tub Grinders
  • Sawmill Waste


  • Beef & Pork
  • Poultry
  • Dairy
  • Fruit and Vegetable
  • Bakery
  • Candy
  • Pet Food
  • Seafood

Mining & Processing

  • Clinker
  • Coal/Pet Coke
  • Copper/Nickle
  • Cullet
  • Limestone
  • Salt
  • Lead
  • Iron


  • Coal-Fired Power plants
  • Go-Generation Plants
  • Sand Fracing
  • Biomass

Agriculture & Lumber

  • Harvesting Equipment
  • Grain Elevators
  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Sugar Beats
  • Fertilizer
  • Baler

Contact Youngstown Rubber Products

  • Phone: (330) 744-2158
  • Address: 519 North Meridian Youngstown, OH 44509
  • Hours of Operation: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm (est) Monday-Friday
  • Counter Service Hours: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm (est) Monday-Friday
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