Spiral Hose End Fittings (4 & 6 Wire)

Our spiral hose fittings incorporate three major advancements to provide a robust, practical and complete engineered hose assembly system. The "4S/6S" name refers to the 4-spiral and 6-spiral wire reinforcement of the hose approved with the respective "4S" and "6S" series fittings.

The 4S/6S Series of spiral hose fittings are applicable for use in high pressure hydraulic systems found in mobile machinery and equipment, mining, metals and minerals, oil and gas, machine building, and vehicles markets. Hydraulic hose is commonly specified in the above markets by industry specification (SAE / EN) or operating pressure.

Spiral Crimp Fittings

Dura-Seal™ Technology Higher impulse cycle life performance Class 0 Cool-Down Leakage per SAE J1176 when hoses are assembled with the 4S/6S spiral hose fitting series

Dura-Kote™ Plating Technology with superior corrosion resistance Hose fittings that offer three times the corrosion protection on carbon steel fittings as compared to competitive hose fittings.

Compatible hoses:
4 Wire: H430-6,-8,-10,-12,-16,-20,-24,-32;H430R-6,-8,-10,-12,-16,-20,-24,-32;
H464-12,-16,-20,-24,-32;H471-12,-16,-20,-24; EC600-12,-16;EC525-12,-16,-20,-24,-32; EC810-12,-16
6 Wire: H471-32;EC600-20;EC810-20,-24,-32
Label Set: FF91420

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