Z Series One Piece Crimp Fittings

The next generation technology of Eaton’s Z Series hose ends are compatible with the most Weatherhead standard and newer generation hose styles combining best-in-class technologies to meet and exceed the highest globally recognized standards for 1 and 2 wire braid hydraulic hose assemblies.

And, with Eaton's DuraKote plating technology, Z Series fittings deliver significantly higher level of corrosion resistance on carbon steel fluid conveyance products - up to 1,000 hours of corrosion resistance before signs of red rust.

Z SeriesDura KoteHose Assy

Material: Low carbon steel
Plating: Trivalent zinc plated
Assemble with: T-400-1, T-410-1, T-420-1, T-440,T-460, T-462, T-465, T-480, ET1000, ET1187, ET4000, ET4001, FT1380, FT1390,
ET4020 and ET4040.

Label set: FF90645
Application:General purpose low, medium, and high pressure hydraulic.
Advantages: Wide selection of hose and end configurations allowing a diverse number of applications.

Compatible hoses:
H104, H145, H145R, H190, H190H, H245, H245L, H280, H290, H290H, H290L, H345, H350, H400, H421, H425, H1777 (-04, -06, 08), H1776 (-04 thru -20), H1571 (-12 only), H6002 (-08, -12, -16), H6008 (-16 & -20), H6009 (-20 only), H9622 (-12, -16, -20), H265 (-04, -06, -08, -12, -16), H275 (-04 thru -16), H1812 (-04 thru -20), H0106 (-04 thru -10), H0105 (-06 thru -12, -20), H116 (-04, -06, -08), H115 (-04 thru -20), H1982 (-06 thru -16), H1981 (-04, -06, -08), H9949, EC115, EC215, EC110, EC210, EC118

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