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Equipment Audits

Equipment Audits

Whether you are an existing customer or a prospective customer, our Equipment Audit service is an excellent way to know that you are engineering your hydraulic systems to the most up to date specifications and products. Working pressures for hydraulic applications continue to go up and the impact on a system can be dramatic. Some considerations of increased working pressures:

  • Increase flow which requires a larger ID hose or tube.
  • Hose construction may need to be changed or upgraded.
  • Higher working temperatures.
  • Larger ID & OD requires more space, flexibility & abrasion resistance.
  • Different end connections may be needed to handle the higher pressure.
  • Tube assemblies may be needed to increase flow and reduce temperature.

Other considerations are:

  • UV light.
  • Range of temperature change.
  • Pressure impulsing or spiking.
  • Abrasion.
  • Space.
  • Ease of installation.

Our Product Specialists will visit your plant and will review the entire hydraulic system as installed on your equipment. A careful review and analysis of each port connector, adapter, hose end, hose, hose assembly, tube end, tube and tube assembly will be analyzed. This analysis combined with the overall functionality of the equipment; its “purpose” and potential “wear & tear” will be the basis for any recommendations.

In a lot of cases we have found that a hydraulic system has been over engineered which added to the cost of the overall system. Our philosophy is to minimize the hydraulic system and specify product that matches exactly the application at it’s peak performance requirements.