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Tube Assemblies

Tube Assemblies

tube assembliesFor decades, manufacturers have come to Mid-State Sales for their metal tube assemblies because of our precision engineering and quality control practices. Thanks to Mid-State Sales comprehensive tube processing services, companies have used our tube assemblies in hydraulic fluid transfer, fuel and oil, lubrication, fleet, automotive, and military applications.

Our expert team of tube and welding engineers can work closely with your team to develop highly customized tube assemblies for your OEM products. With their combined decades of experience and endless innovative ideas, our engineering team can help you manufacture a more efficient and effective end product for your customers.

Mid-State Sales works to ensure that every component and assembly we supply meets our highest expectations for quality and performance. Our experienced team leverages their thousands of hours of quality testing experience to closely inspect and approve each and every product that passes through our facility, ensuring that you receive products that enhance and empower your equipment.

As a single-source supplier, Mid-State Sales consolidates and simplifies the engineering, specification, and purchasing processes for you. From the prototype stage to production, you can count on Mid-State Sales expertise for the essential fluid transfer systems of your machinery.

Engineering Support & Services

  • Field Engineering Support
  • Port-to-Port Routing Services
  • Product specification to your specific application
  • Product packaging, part number tagging and kitting
  • Sealing methods on tube end connectors.
  • Tube assembly design capabilities using Solidworks 3D imaging.
  • Thorough assembly testing, including impulse, burst and proof pressure testing.

hydraulic tube assembliesQuality Assurance

As an ISO 9001: 2008 certified manufacturer, Mid-State Sales excels at providing the highest quality and most durable fluid transfer products.  Mid-State Sales is committed to thorough testing procedures using state-of-the-art impulse testing equipment. We provide the following testing services for the products we sell.