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Hose / Tube Combination Assemblies

Hose / Tube Combination Assemblies

Mid-State Sales has become a leading manufacturer of hose / tube combination assemblies by combining our expertise of hose assembly and tube assembly.  Compound Assemblies offer all of the advantages of both hose assemblies and tube assemblies in one single compound assembly. Specific advantages include:

  • Elimination of adapter leak points
  • Routing solutions with tube assembly end
  • Combines flexibility of hose and rigidness of tube
  • Ease of installation
  • Reduces overall costs of component assembly

We can take any tube assembly design and add a hose assembly or vice versa and add a tube to an existing hose assembly.  Compound assemblies can be manufactured using most SAE and DIN specified hose products. 

Engineering Support & Services

  • Field Engineering Support
  • Port-to-Port Routing Services
  • Product specification to your specific application
  • Product packaging, part number tagging and kitting
  • Sealing methods on tube end connectors.
  • Tube assembly design capabilities using Solidworks 3D imaging.
  • Thorough assembly testing, including impulse, burst and proof pressure testing.

Quality Assurance

As an ISO 9001: 2008 certified manufacturer, Mid-State Sales excels at providing the highest quality and most durable fluid transfer products.  Mid-State Sales is committed to thorough testing procedures using state-of-the-art impulse testing equipment. We provide the following testing services for the products we sell.

  • Impulse Testing
  • Burst Testing
  • Proof Testing
  • ISO Cleanliness Testing
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine Inspections
  • Multiple In-Line Production Inspections
  • Fluid Contaminant Measuring