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Brass Products

Brass Products

Mid-State Sales carries a wide range of precision-machined brass fittings and valves, designed for compatibility and to meet SAE specifications. Our brass fittings and valves are most commonly used in copper, aluminum, or plastic tubing designs for low pressure applications, transferring fluids and air.

Our brass fittings and valves have been used in general pneumatics and air brake systems, and are supported by the same customer service and hydraulic engineering support that our customers enjoy. Mid-State Sales manufactures and distributes brass fittings and valve products that meet a variety of specifications for any application, including:

  • Pipe Thread Fittingss
  • 45º Flared Fittings
  • Compression Fittings
  • Inverted Flare Fittings
  • Hose Inserts
  • Push-On Hose Inserts
  • Garden Hose Fittings
  • Ball and Check Valves