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About Us

Fluid Transfer Products and Fluid Transfer Assemblies for Sale

We’re dedicated to real customer service. And we have been for more than 45 years.

Mid-State Sales was established in Columbus, Ohio in 1969, and has built its reputation as the national leader in the manufacture and distribution of fluid transfer products, specifically hydraulic hose assemblies, fluid transfer assemblies, tube assemblies, and adapters. Over the past four decades, Mid-State Sales has grown our offerings to customers through acquisitions and expansions of our branches facilities, allowing us to provide hydraulic products to OEM and industrial customers across the country. Today, our talented staff of nearly 60 associates operate out of more than 75,000 square feet in our four inventory and operations facilities in the Midwest.

Mid-State Sales is both a fabricator and distributor of fluid transfer products, fluid transfer assemblies and hydraulic components. Our fluid transferproducts are optimized for both OEM customers and products and for industrial customers and users. In addition, Mid-State Sales leads the industry in custom solutions from our tube assembly production team, enabling your original equipment manufacturer’s unique product with our engineering guidance.

But we do much more than simply manufacture and distribute hydraulic components. We also offer extensive fluid conveyance engineering support services, field application assistance, and exceptional customer service. We’re your partner in hydraulic mobile equipment and industrial hose and fittings products, helping you identify and solve problems with innovative solutions. We offer equipment audits to uncover outdated and over-specified components, saving our customers time and money.

Mid-State Sales committed to our world-class standard of excellence, and works hard to ensure the utmost quality for every product we supply. Because of our wealth of hydraulic component options, Mid-State Sales has built an inventory that can serve as your one-stop-shop for hose assemblies, tube assemblies, and hydraulic adapters.


As an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer, Mid-State Sales invests heavily in processes and equipment to ensure our product's quality. A product of quality saves your business money by operating as expected and safeguarding your employees and customers against safety concerns. Delivering a reliable and long-lasting product is our paramount priority, and we take great lengths to guarantee that our products meet your highest standards for excellence, including:

  • The implementation of and adherence to a documented quality management program.
  • The use of state-of-the-art impulse and burst pressure testing equipment.
  • Specialized quality assurance equipment including a particle counter, optical comparator, coordinate measuring machine, and Rockwell hardness tester.

We at Mid-State Sales take pride in our work, and leverage our decades of hydraulic component manufacturing and processing experience to deliver the best products in our industry every day. Thanks to our commitment to efficiency and thorough quality testing procedures, Mid-State Sales delivers products that live up to our catchphrase of “Performance Under Pressure.”